Wanjoo Alexandre Kim was born in Kansas of a Korean father and Swiss mother. He holds a B.S. in Engineering from Tufts University and a J.D. from Stanford Law School. He has been formed by international experiences, broad values and is steered by a global cultural compass. He is first and foremost creative. This has fueled the drive to start three successful businesses. He possesses a keen conceptual sense, innate design ability, exemplary communication skills and is able to translate ideas into plans that get financed. He has the vision, discipline, and managerial skills to shepherd developments from conception to realization. He believes in responsible consumerism and the cradle to grave integrity of products and services. He gives precedence to function without sacrificing form, to leading by example and to doing well by doing good.

Wanjoo’s entrepreneurial experience provided the discipline and stamina required to complete his first novel, The Accidental Yakuza. He is already working on a second. Wanjoo has completed (but has not yet sought to publish) a work of nonfiction entitled, Restaurant Reality Check, based on his experience of developing a restaurant from scratch. It provides outside the box “how to” insight and down and dirty personal anecdotes on the joys/perils of this difficult line of work. Wanjoo speaks French fluently and currently resides on the island of Guam with his wife and their two children.